Vietnam is a destination that grows in popularity year over year. In 2015, nearly 8 million people visited this remarkable country, including a group of Unique Golf Vacation travellers!

While golf and sightseeing are important components of our fabulous itineraries, equally important is the fact that we get to take our group members to the best restaurants, which offer in our opinion, the most delicious and tasty local cuisines.

As an added bonus, Vietnamese food tends to be low in fat and high in nutritious carbs, so you can even enjoy guilt-free dining!

Did you know that each province in Vietnam boasts its own culinary specialties? Dishes in the province of Dak Lak, for instance, feature bitter eggplant, avocado and Thit nai, or venison. In Binh Phuoc, cashew nuts appear in a surprising number of dishes.

Travellers who join us on our Vietnam golf and sightseeing vacations enjoy opportunities to play at Danang Golf Club and Montgomerie Links, both of which are situated near Da Nang in the Quang Nam province. Meals in this province often include regional dishes such as Cao lầu, Bánh tráng đập and pho san. Wonder what they taste like? Will you enjoy them? In addition to our previously posted Vietnam 5 Fab Street Foods, here are 3 more savoury Vietnamese dishes you are sure to enjoy!

  • Cao lau features thinly sliced lean pork, Hokkein style rice noodles and assorted greens. Traditionally served in a bowl at room temperature, Cao lầu can be a complete light lunch or a nice dinner appetizer. Locals say the best Cao lầu is made with well water in Hội An, where restaurants that specialize in the dish hang red and green paper lanterns near the door.
  • Banh trang dap comes with two edible rice paper disks stacked atop one another. The bottom disk is crisped over a bed of red coals with a chewier disk on top. A savory blend of minced pork, chopped spring onion and fresh herbs is spread over the top, then the whole thing is folded over and eaten out of hand like a calzone.
  • Pho san is a fragrant, lightly spiced soup found all over Vietnam. People enjoy steaming bowls of pho for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Made with salted broth and shreds of beef or chicken, pho is dressed with the diner’s choice of veggies and fresh snipped herbs.

When you’re ready to know about more things to do, see and eat whilst on a Unique Golf Vacation to Vietnam, please contact us at your earliest convenience – we’re happy to answer any questions you have!