You don’t have to go far in the world to find a perfect place to have that exotic golf holiday you’ve always dreamed of. In fact, you only have to go south a little to Colombia, where you’ll find some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the world. Visitors will also soon find out this country is rich with historical significance and cultural diversity. The life-changing perspectives gained by vacationing in this unique destination is likely to leave a lasting impression for life.

Imagine flying into Bogota, Colombia and landing on top of the Andes mountain range to find out there are almost 8 million people who live in this beautiful metropolitan city. The endless points of interest are likely to excite your senses and arouse a deep exotic sense in your being, yet first relax and ease the jet lag in the luxurious Bogota Pavillon Royal Hotel. This will be your home for the next three nights as you spend your days exploring this foreign delight and golfing on a majestic Robert Trent Jones designed course. This first leg on your journey will warm you up for the vacation of your dreams.

Colombia is an amazing country surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest, tropical grasslands, with the Andes Mountains towering up in the middle, and finally the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines along its borders. The view from the high-altitude locations are sure to give you a sense of wonder as you begin to acclimate yourself to the bustling city full of a diversity of people.

You’ll soon be impressed with Unique Golf Vacations thoughtful approach in designing this vacation tour when you visit places like the Monserrate Hill Catholic Sanctuary, which you can access by your choice of hiking, taking the funicular railway car, or a cable car. Along the way to the summit you’ll see religious relics and historic sculptures giving you an idea of the history of Colombia, which in 1499 was conquered by the Spanish and became independent in 1819. Once to the top of the summit of this sanctuary you’ll be able to take in the grand view of this large metropolitan city. After this impressive point of interest on the tour, you’ll visit the National Capitol, Prime Cathedral, City Hall, and the Nineteenth-Century Museum. The day will grant you access to some of the history and diverse culture of this amazing city and country while acclimating your senses to the food, clothing, and people you’ll experience on this exciting introductory day in Bogotá.

You’ll return to your pristine residence at the Pavillon Royal, where you can relax after a hot shower and enjoy the large terrace with views over the park. This after a fine meal at the hotels Indigo restaurant where you can eat Oriental or even American dishes. You can take a walk down the well-lit up streets and see the night scene of this great city with its tropical trees towering above popular cafes and stores you can visit to get a taste of the native culture. You can then sleep well on this second night in the city and get your rest for the exciting day ahead on the morrow.

After you wake from the second nights sleep you can enjoy the luxurious amenities and have a good meal before heading out to explore some more points of interest sure to please. After getting your fill of exploration for a time, you can head back to your lovely hotel and get a good nights sleep to get prepared for the next day when you’ll golf at the wonderful El Rincon Golf Club.

After a couple days of sight-seeing and acclimating yourself to such an exotic place in the mountains, you’ll finally be able to see what Colombia offers when it comes to golf. El Rincon Golf Club actually prides itself on being the “Augusta” of Columbia, which makes it even more exciting to play. You’re going to be pleased to find a course with a little bit of everything to challenge and bring enjoyment to your golf game. This pristine course designed by Robert Trent Jones himself, is going to challenge you with ponds and streams, while making you avoid finely placed bunkers all the while avoiding the sparse trees that seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The views of the beautiful mountains and the rolling hills will help you remember you’re not at Augusta, although the thoughtful Jones’ layout and large fast greens will give you a feel of what Augusta is like. In the end, this will be a great way to start out your golfing experience in Colombia, and you can take notes because you’ll be back to golf here once more during the last days of your long vacation. Being designed by Robert Trent Jones makes this a truly special course to start off your golfing days.

After the round of golf at El Rincon Golf Club, you’ll spend the last evening at the Pavillon Royal hotel. Enjoy your last night as you go over each hole of golf you played earlier, as well as pondering the magnificent sights and scenes you’ve visited on this first leg of your journey. On the morrow, you’ll be off to another adventure on your Unique Golf Vacations Tour and it’ll be sure to reflect the initial amazing time you’ve already had. Already you’ll be thankful you decided on trusting Unique Golf Vacations to deliver the golf vacation of your dreams. If you’re interesting in experiencing an adventure like the one highlighted here in Colombia, then contact us and we’ll help you make your golf vacation dreams come true.