New Zealand North and South Islands Offer Remarkable Sights

Michael Ho, Owner & Travel Guide, Premiere Journeys
September, 2018

New Zealand is one of the most unique, glorious countries on the planet. Its isolated location in the South Pacific has given rise to amazing species of animals like the kiwi bird and beautiful geographic features that are highlighted in the Lord of the Rings movies. Both the North Island and the South Island have many remarkable, amazing places to hike, tour, explore and golf.

In fact, New Zealand sports some of the most remarkable golf courses on Earth. Many groups vacation in New Zealand purely for the golf experience.

Unique Golf Vacations

For those travelling long distances, there are amazing golf packages available from Unique Golf Vacations. Our deluxe escorted golf package includes 16 nights of hotel accommodations, buffet breakfasts, private coach sightseeing tours, 7 rounds of golf including greens fees and power cart. Together, these make for an unforgettable stay that is carefree and full of incredible golf. 

Visitors get to see some of the finest courses in New Zealand. These overlook volcanoes, mountains, beaches, lush green valleys and more. World famous courses like Jack’s Point Golf Club, Gulf Harbour Country Club and Muriwai Golf Club, of course, are visited on this tour.

Golfers play the 18-hole, par-70 Arikikapakapa Golf Course at Rotorua with fairways designed near active and dormant thermal areas.

New Zealand

The country is divided into North and South Islands, far from other major countries in the South Pacific. It is even a few hour flight from its’ close neighbour, Australia. New Zealand is a hub for tourists from all around the globe because of its amazing features.

In the South, there are glaciers (as it is not too far from Antarctica), high mountain ranges and many different adventure vacations. Patrons come to skydive, bungee jump, ski, hike and explore this wild country.

South Island Fast Facts

The South Island covers 150,437 square kilometres (58,084 sq mi) making it the world’s 12th-largest island.
Population 1,115,800 (June 2017)
23 % of New Zealand’s 4.8 million inhabitants live on the South Island
Largest city population: Christchurch, 381,500 (estimated 2017)
Highest Mountain: Aoraki / Mount Cook, 3,724 (m) 12,218 (ft.)

“In the South, there are glaciers, high mountain ranges and many different adventure vacations.”

The North Island is similarly beautiful with cool creatures like glow worms, kiwi birds and others. It is home to Mordor from the Lord of the Rings, Hobbit Land, beautiful beaches, mountains and valleys. It has more culture and the bigger cities including Aukland, Wellington and Rotorua. There are more museums, skyscrapers, various international and domestic foods here as well. Lastly, New Zealand is host to some of the finest vineyards in the world due to the oxidant rich soil from the volcanoes.

North Island Facts:

The South Island covers 113,729 square kilometres (43,911 sq mi), making it the world’s 14th-largest island.
Population 3,677,200 (June 2017)
77 % of New Zealand’s 4.8 million inhabitants live on the North Island
Largest city population: Auckland,1,534,700 (estimated 2017)
Highest Mountain:Mount Ruapehu, 2,797 (m) 9,176 (ft.)

For all these reasons, New Zealand has become an amazing tourist destination.

Unique Golf Vacations is truly a life-changing opportunity to visit New Zealand and play some of the most legendary courses on Earth. For more information, please contact us.


“New Zealand is host to some of the finest vineyards in the world”

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