In previous blogs, we touched upon the weather you can expect as well as the quality of the courses you will experience on our upcoming Ireland Golf Vacation. What we didn’t address was the Emerald Isle’s entry requirements and which payment methods are widely accepted by Irish businesses. So grab a cup of Irish coffee, sit down and get prepared to learn about those two things:

Believe it or not, Canadian citizens hoping to enjoy an Ireland golf tour are not required to secure a travel visa. It’s actually been that way for awhile. You can find out more about the topic posted on Ireland’s Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website. Oh, and vaccination records are not needed to enter the Emerald Isle either.

Keep in mind that even though visas and vaccination cards aren’t needed to enter into Ireland, a Canadian passport is a must! The passport process does take some time. So if you are planning to join us in August 2014 for our Ireland golf tour, now it the time to start the application process. A downloadable file containing a printable application and detailed information on the passport process is available through the Government of Canada’s Passport Canada website.

Now on to matters associated with the country’s currency. Unlike other foreign destinations, the Emerald Isle’s businesses typically shy away from taking Traveler’s Cheques and recognize two different currencies (e.g. euro and one pound sterling). The recognized currencies will vary based on which golf course or region you happen to be visiting. So you might want to just pack your major credit cards. Most are likely to be honored throughout Ireland and it will make converting Ireland’s currencies to Canadian currency a breeze.

To learn more about making your upcoming Ireland golf vacation a raging success, please contact us by calling (403) 269-2122. We also welcome online inquiries through our Unique Golf Vacation website or like us on Facebook to stay informed of updates!