The next time that your buddies ask you to share a little golf trivia, ask them if they know where duffers go to play on top of the world. If they don’t already know the answer, you may just surprise them with the truth. By all accounts, the world’s highest golf course presently sits in India. Okay, so maybe India isn’t literally positioned at the top of the globe, but it does have a course that is located a breathtaking, 13,025-feet above sea level. Its known as the YAK Golf Course, which is apropos considering that wild yaks are known to live in frigid regions that are situated anywhere from 13,000 to 20,000-feet above sea level.

Now we can’t say that you’ll find wild beasts roaming Kupup, East Sikkim, which is where the ultra-high course is actually located. What we can promise is that you’ll find 18-holes, each with its own magnificent view. You’ll also find domesticated yaks, which some golfers use in lieu of traditional golf carts. Of course, that’s providing that you’re given permission to visit the popular course. It’s now part of a military installation known as the Army Yak Environmental Park and Training Area. So getting in to see it nowadays can be a real challenge.

And just in case you think the 6,025-yard course’s record-setting altitude is its only claim to fame, think again. There’s more to it than that. The venue has also hosted some pretty interesting tournaments in its heyday, including the Kalimpong and Saragarhi Cup. Plus, it’s within a golf ball’s throw from the trail once travelled by British Army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Francis Edward Younghusband. Younghusband played a very important role in early exploration and once served as the prestigious Royal Geographical Society’s President.

So there you have it. Now you can impress others with your new found knowledge of one of the world’s most notable, albeit unusual golf courses. To enjoy a bit more golf trivia and plan your next Unique Golf Vacation, please contact us today. We currently have trips scheduled for a variety of unique destinations and would love to share them with you.