They may not be the highest points in Vietnam but the Marble Mountains are impressive nonetheless.  Serving as Danang’s silent sentries, their craggy, vegetation-covered forms have drawn the country’s reverent to them for more than four centuries. Running roughly 2 kilometers from end to end, the hulking, limestone and marble outcroppings reach 500 meters into the sky. But that’s not the impressive part. It’s what’s within these 800 meter wide wonders that bear witnessing. (See itinerary details for our Vietnam and Cambodia Golf Holiday package)

Affectionately named after long honored spirits, each outcropping provides both man-made and organic, spiritual sites of respite. For instance, Kim Son boasts a cave with mineral formations that appear sculpted by empyrean hands and Thuy offers a look at one temple from the 1600s. They are just the edge of the marble. Between the five wonders, there are well more than a dozen sites to enthrall Vietnam’s visitors. The short list includes:

  • Linh Nham Cave
  • Long Hoa Pagoda
  • Am Phu Cave
  • Linh Ung Pagoda
  • Tam Thai Pagoda
  • Huyen Khong Cave
  • Tower of Xa Loi

Some of the sites contained within the Vietnamese mountains are ancient and others hail from merely a handful of decades ago. Also, there have been man-made features added to the mountains’ exteriors too. Among the most useful is a lift elevator, which transports weary travelers to lofty observation areas perched on several of the more popular outcroppings.

Although the vistas are subject to seasonal flora and fauna, for the most part, they offer travel show worthy views of multiple landmarks. They include, but don’t cease with the shores of the China Sea, China Beach, Danang and the Coco River. Observant travelers may also notice remnants of Vietnam’s turbulent past. To speak with us about touring the Marble Mountains and other Vietnamese landmarks, please contact us today. We have plans to travel to the Marble Mountain area in early 2016 and would love for you to join us!