Client Comments

While we prefer not to identify our clients’ specific names for privacy reasons, these are some insightful comments collected through independent market researchers who interviewed a sample of our customers.

“Knowlegeable about the amount of fun time versus golf time.”

“He modifies plans if the group is unhappy.  Very responsive to group needs.”

“He provides the services he says he is going to provide.”

“Lays out pricing of trip in a very transparent way.  Often the tips are included in the pricing so there are no surprises.”

“Everything is planned and executed for us.  I like only having to pay one bill.”

“The people who go tend to be repeat travellers, and there are a lot of friendships and companionships that develop.   Michael likes the camaraderie too.”

“Sensitive to ‘couples’ dynamics.  Knows when to group certain people together, and which groups get along the best.”

“Also flexible if when I wanted to change plans spur of the moment.”

“I like that Michael is open to different options for paying for my flight – in fact he said we should use up our air miles!”

“It’s a well rounded experience with museums and other activities, not just golf”

“I wouldn’t try another company.  I would only go with Michael.”

“I like that he brought the group together before the trip so we got to meet each other.”