Within Indonesia’s Coral Triangle is a golf vacation destination on the top of many duffers’ bucket lists. It’s Bali. Also known as the Island of Peace, it is home to several diversions, including the Nirwana Bali Golf Club. The club boasts an 18-hole course equipped with four tees, temples, water hazards and other delights courtesy of golfing pro, Greg Norman.

One of the course’s lovely amenities is the Golfer’s Terrace. The terrace is where many hungry, escorted golf vacationers go to grab a bite of authentic, island cuisine. But what is traditional, Indonesian cuisine? It depends on who you ask. There are in excess of 250 ethnic groups who choose to reside within the charming archipelago. As such, one golfer’s ideal meal is another’s nightmare.

However, bebek goring is generally well received all around. What is bebek goring? We’re glad that you asked. It’s a Balinese dish that makes duck the star. On the island, it is a commonly used protein that often yields uncommonly good results. In this particular case, it is heavily seasoned with strong aromatics and fresh coconut oil. Afterward, it is wrapped in coconut leaves or bark and steamed to perfection.

Many Balinese enjoy the dish with fragrant rice and vegetables. At our escorted golf vacation destination, it is presented alongside of water spinach, sambal matah and sambal ulek. Water spinach is unlike the leafy greens sold in Canadian restaurants. This one is semi-aquatic. It has a very understated taste that is often overshadowed by the bebek goring’s robust flavors.

As for the sambal matah and sambal ulek, they are anything but bland. Both rely on a liberal helping of vinegars, chili peppers, fish juices, onions and ginger to make their case. To sample them in person while gazing out at the Nirwana Bali Golf Club’s resplendent course, contact Unique Golf Vacations and ask about an upcoming or customizing a Golf Vacation to Bali!