Golf destinations around the world are breathtaking and wonderful to the imaginations of those who love the game. Choosing one for your golf holiday is a heavy task we’d all like to debate within ourselves. In consideration, it would be a shame to leave out South Africa from the top of our list, especially considering the great weather during the holidays. When it comes down to it, a South Africa Golf and Safari trip from Unique Gold Vacations is really second to none. I invite you to imagine with me in this article, as we take a look at some of the destinations which are part of this unique vacation package.

Let’s explore the first destination upon your arrival in Cape Town, which will be at the luxurious Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge. Next to the water front, Cape Town Stadium, and Cape Town International Clovelly Golf Course Clubhouse
Centre, you’ll be able to experience the rich history (founded in 1652) of this provincial capital with over 400,000 inhabitants. Breathtaking views and spacious modern accommodations, will allow you to rest easy until the real fun begins the next day, at the Clovelly Country Club.

Clovelly Country Club could just be the best golf course you’ve ever played, but by the end of the trip it will be just one of the 10 best golf courses you’ve every played. Not discounting the links of Scotland or the fine courses all around the world, truly S. Africa golf you’ll find out is second to none. Clovelly Country Club from the back tees (Yellow) plays at 5893 meters (remember 1m = 1.0936 yards) and is a par 72 course. With plenty of water, sand, and rolling hills to surround the large greens, don’t let the yardage fool you into thinking it’s easy. Clovelly is a beautiful course with patches of trees and wild growth trouble-spots to keep a golfer honest. After a round here on your second day, you’ll be able to review how South Africa golf fares concerning your game.

Now, the end of the second day of your vacation is about over, and the comforts of Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge will settle your nerves after the exciting round of golf (however it turned out on the score card). Around this time you can relax at the spa or visit the night life, and contemplate the next round of golf awaiting you the day after tomorrow at Pearl Valley Golf Estates.

When you wake up and get ready in your pleasant surroundings at the Breakwater Lodge, then finally arrive at Pearl Valley Golf Estates, you’re going to finally realize that this is going to be the best vacation ever. What a treat your about to venture into when finding out the legendary best golfer of all-time Jack Nicklaus, designed this course and opened it with South Africa’s very own legend Gary Player. The awards and rankings of the course will run through your mind as you learn its meaning, all the while you prepare seriously in plotting the course out to make a good run at par.

If you decide to tee it up at the back championship tees, you’re going to be in for a real professional-like challenge at 6749 meters, but if you humble yourself to the member’s back tees (blue tees) you’ll take your chances with a formidable 5878 meters. Either way, the thinking man’s course awaits and is full of water, sand, and difficult recoveries for the wayward shot. The placement of each shot is always at a premium with Jack’s signature courses. While playing this beautiful challenging course you’ll be able to take in the awesome views of the surrounding Simonsberg and Drakenstein Mountains, and even perhaps have a first-hand encounter with The Berg River water hazard running through the thoughtful design.

After this lovely round on one of South Africa’s most prized golf courses (there’s over 450 in S. Africa), you can see exactly where you stand in your quest for the Champions or PGA Tours. Well, at least you’ll have had the great pleasure of playing such a pristine and finely tuned course on only the fourth day of your 18 day vacation, and only the 2nd round of the eleven rounds on ten of the finest courses in the world. Truly, you’ll start to thank yourself for choosing S. Africa for your Golf and Safari vacation.

Let’s return now to our luxury hotel in Cape Town, after some fine activities concluding the greatest round of golf in your life. Time has run its course on our imaginative tour we’ve taken in this article. Having only highlighted the top of the destinations through 4 days, we’ll have to render our endless dreams an infinite tomorrow as we wait on the next installment of our imaginative tour. So, please stay tuned as we explore the excitingly unique and wonderful vacation put together only by Unique Golf Vacations. Until then, we can either book your vacation and live the dream on our holidays, or wait until the rest of the vacation presents itself into our ever golf-loving imaginations.

Truly, we have to conclude, South Africa Golf to be second to none. If you can’t wait to make your golf holidays vacation dreams come true, then contact us and we’ll help make your imagination come to life!