A Philippines Golf Vacation is a remarkable experience. Enjoy sightseeing and play golf at the one of the very best places in the world. Our upcoming tour to the beautiful Philippines is nothing short of spectacular, and is sure to challenge your golf game and dazzle your mind with the breathtaking views and sights. Come with me as we explore some of the highlights of this fabulous golf vacation.

Arriving in the country, you’ll be in the great capital city of Manila where 1.6 million people call home. In particular, you’ll be escorted to the luxurious New World Makati Hotel, which is located in one of the 16 cities that make up Metro Manila (overall population 12 million) called Makati. Makati is in the business and financial hub of Metro Manila and is only walking distance to the Greenbelt and Glorietta mall centers, where you can experience the rich cultural life of the Philippines. The absolutely stunning view of Makati and the plush surroundings found at New World Makati Hotel will comfort your travel weary body and prepare you for the best vacation you’ve ever had. You can get comfortable and relax, as you’ll be calling this your home for the next five nights.

On your second day in the Philippines, Unique Golf Vacations has a great list of places to visit to acclimate your mind and body to the rich and ancient history of this exotic land. You can relax and enjoy the eleven thoughtfully planned out sights including: the Intramuros Walls, Manila Bay, Rizal Park, Intramuros Colonial Houses, and many more. Intramuros is Spanish for “within the walls”- the Intramuros Walls are two and three-quarter miles of grass-covered walls surrounding the old capital of the Philippines. These walls show the history of the Philippines, as the first wall was constructed in 1570 and the last changes to it occurred in 1872. In that time there was Spanish conquest and different builders and events making their mark on these historic walls.

Truly the wonderful sights and luxurious accommodations will be such a delight the first couple days, you’ll already be thanking yourself for booking this Unique Golf Vacation. Even so, on the third day you’ll discover this vacation truly is a golf vacation when you arrive at the magnificent Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer designed courses at Forest Hills Golf and Country Club. With the great view of the Sierra Madre Mountains background you’ll have to remind yourself to focus on your golf game, as these challenging course are going to need your full attention in order to shoot a respectable score.

Forest Hills Golf and Country Club
has two 18 hole courses tucked into a mountainous region where it gets its name from. The lush forest surroundings rolling through the hills of Antipolo City, contain two challenging courses. The great Jack Nicklaus designed one of the two 18 hole courses, while the legendary Arnold Palmer designed the other. The club house itself is a wondrous sight, as it looks like a giant three-tiered cone which sits at the highest elevation at Forest Hills, giving splendid views of the mountain surroundings. The golf course itself has many challenging obstacles including large white sand bunkers, rushing waterways, and sloping fairways to hit from to the large fast greens. Truly, these courses will satisfy your golfing dreams, challenge your skill, and give you reason to be thankful even more for choosing the Philippines as the place for your golf vacation.

After the day spent in bliss golfing at these dream courses, you can be comforted and find time to relax back at your temporary home at the luxurious New World Hotel at Makati. There you can take a spa, eat a fine meal in their fabulous dining room, and/or spend a peaceful evening overlooking the starry lights of the big city-center surrounded by a mysterious foreign landscape highlighted by the beautiful sunset. You can smile knowing you have 12 more days to spend in this land full of delight, and you can make the adjustments needed to your golf swing knowing there are 6 more awesome golf courses awaiting you to play another 7 rounds of golf.

This just highlights the first few days spent on this well-thought out and packaged tour by Unique Golf Vacations. There are many more days to come full of awesome sights (like UNESCO World Heritage site Banaue Rice Terraces) and challenging golf on some of the best golf courses in the world. This Philippines Golf vacation will exceed your expectations and give you a rich experience you’ll never forget. If you would like to make this dream golf vacation come true today, please contact Unique Golf Vacations and we’ll be glad to help.