During our 2016 Golf Vacation to the Philippines, we’ll be stopping in one of Manila’s famous districts, Binondo. If you do not recognize the name, it may be because a great number of people from around the world casually refer to it as Chinatown. Known as a bustling place, there are many reasons to visit Manila’s Chinatown District.

It is an excellent place to buy incense, good luck charms, candles and other items commonly used during spiritual activities. Plus, there are churches, temples and other places of worship open to Chinatown’s visitors. A few reverent places are the San Lorenzo Ruiz Church, Santo Cristo de Longos, Quiapo and the San Sebastian Church.

Justifiably, spiritual landmarks and incense shops are just one side of this iconic, Philippine destination. There are architectural interests too, including buildings from the Beau-Arts Period. Some of Chinatown’s architectural features of note are the El Hogar, Higino Francisco Ancestral Home, Main Arch, Jones Bridge, Calvo and Natividad buildings. Also, the latter two happen to situated near Chinatown’s best street food.

Although street food and casual restaurants are tucked away throughout the district, Escolta tends to be one of the most loved thoroughfares. It’s where locals go for dumplings, fried rice, steamed buns, fried chicken, seafood, bubble tea and assorted sweets. And by sweets, we’re not simply talking fortune cookies here. There are treats made with chocolate, rice congee and other favored dessert ingredients.

Finally, there are trinket shops and boutiques in Manila’s Chinatown as well. So, be sure not to blow all of your pocket change on those sweets and good luck charms. Chances are you’ll long to walk away with artwork, clothing and other mementos of our touring time in Manila too. To learn more about Manila’s Chinatown and traveling to the Philippines in 2016, please contact Unique Golf Vacations now!